Ultra Flexible Tinned Copper Cable Switching Strands Kit Temperature Resistant with Silicone Sheathing

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These thin copper cables coated with silicone consist of many strands with a low electrical resistance. The silicone layer serves as an excellent insulation and protection against mechanical influences
They are convenient and easy to use. The silicone cables can be easily stripped, crimped or soldered.
The wire is also extremely sturdy and durable, as they can tolerate both high and low temperatures. The materials from which the wires are made are tolerant to temperature fluctuations, so they can always provide high reliability.
These silicone wires are widespread in various elements and environments, such as: DIY, RC aircraft, RC vehicles, model ships, batteries, lamps, household appliances, electrical heating devices, measuring devices, instruments, engines, digital applications, 3D printer, test management wire , RC applications.

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The tinned copper used is a special copper alloy that offers ideal properties for use as electronic cable.


  • High quality tinned copper conductors last a long time as they do not oxidize and are protected from corrosion and are excellent to work with.
  • Copper wire is used in a variety of general purpose electrical applications.

Technical details:

Manufacturer: AZ-Delivery
Part number: 28awg
Packaging dimensions: 12 x 6.5 x 6.5 cm; 260 grams
Manufacturer reference: 28awg
Size: 28AWG Litze wire kit
Colour Black, white, red, blue, green, yellow
Material: copper
Sorts: 5 colors
Length per roll: approx. 9m

High quality connectivity and insulation

The copper flash offers a good electrical connection, while the insulation from silicone rubber protects the cable from abrasion, chemicals, oils and solvents.

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