Wet-temperature sensor module moisture sensor module for temperature measurement of the damp air with precise sensor calibrated barometer

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Area of ​​application: Temperature and air humidity meters have a wide range of application, i.e. In contrast to most other modules, this module can measure several functions such as temperature, air pressure and humidity.
Simple installation: The temperature sensor is extremely user -friendly and also very simple and very easy and time -saving. Since the installation process is so simple, the optimization process itself is even easier because it is designed so that everyone can optimize it.
Extreme precision: Due to the above properties, our temperature module is able to achieve extreme accuracy when measuring the required aspects.
Improved design and performance: The AHT10 sensor is equipped with a newly developed AS IC, an improved capacitive MEMS-helicopter moisture sensor element and a standard-on-chip temperature sensor element. It can output a digital signal in standard I2C format.

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This environmental sensor provides correct measured values ​​in all types of environments and weather conditions and can therefore be used for weather stations.


  • The temperature and humidity sensor has a new and modern sensor chip that increases the accuracy of the module and increases the speed at which the module calculates the temperature, air humidity, etc. The AHT10 sensor module has its own linear voltage regulator and a simple level shifter circuit.

Technical details:

size 15mm*10mm
energy DC 3.3V - 5 V
interface I2C
temperature -40 to +85 ° C, accuracy +-1 ° C
humidity 0-100%, accuracy +-3%
L2C address 0x76 (Sdo Low), 0x77 (Sdo High)

Product availability

Since this tiny temperature and air humidity sensor is tailored to almost make it easy for most hobbyists in the reflow process on a special circuit board. Fortunately, our modules, which are based at this temperature, are available at affordable prices.

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