LM2596S DC-DC power supply adapter step down module

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✅ Der AZDelivery Step-Down Konverter dient zum stufenlosen und effizienten Regeln von Spannungen. Dank präziser Verarbeitung ist der Energieverlust beim Konvertieren geringer als 8%. Das Modul besitzt eine hohe Ausgangsleistung bis 2A und kurzzeitig sogar bis zu 3A.
✔️ The LM2596S voltage regulator is perfectly suited to reduce voltages to a required level. Due to the wide input voltage range of 4.5 - 35V this module can be used in many ways, e.g. to regulate the supply voltage between the Arduino (5V) and a sensor (3V).
✔️ The advantage of our LM2596S switching regulator is that the efficiency is very high. Example: the board is powered up to 20 volts, the output voltage was set to 12 volts, the load on the output is 1A. The current draw on the 20V side is then about 12V/20V/0.92 = 0.65A.
✅ Dank der Größe 45 mm x 20 mm x 15 mm / ca. 3 Gramm ist unser LM2596S power Supply Modul in jedem Projekt einsetzbar.

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The DC-DC step down power module LM2596S is a voltage regulator used to convert a higher input voltage to a lower output voltage. It is based on the LM2596S integrated circuit, a switching regulator that can efficiently reduce the voltage while ensuring a stable output. This module can handle an input voltage range from 3V to 40V and is capable of outputting an adjustable voltage in a range from 1.25V to 37V with a high efficiency of typically over 90%.

The module typically contains an LM2596S IC, an inductor, a diode, and some passive components such as capacitors and resistors that are required to produce a stable output voltage. Some modules also have LED indicators that show the status of the input or output voltage.
It also has short circuit protection and thermal protection to protect the module from overheating.

This module is often used in applications that require a stable, adjustable DC output, such as powering microcontrollers or other low-voltage devices from a higher voltage source.

You want to supply your 3.3V powered controller mobile, for example with a 9V block battery? No problem, if you use the AZ-Delivery StepDown voltage converter LM2596 in between. With less than 8% loss this converter is very efficient and often saves the different energy sources to be able to supply your devices with power.
Simply and analogously determine the desired output voltage via the trimmer. Note that this must be at least 2V lower than the incoming voltage. For currents of more than 1 A at the output or 10V voltage difference we recommend the use of a heat sink.

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