MCP23017 serial interface module compatible with Arduino

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✔️ This Azdelivery Port Expander has two opposite programmable interrupt source outputs and three hardware addresses that enable up to eight devices on the same module.
✔️ With the MCP23017, 16-bit parallel data can be converted into I2C data and vice versa.
✔️ This I/0 Expander has two 8-bit E/A ports (by default as an input) that are able to convert 16-bit parallel data into I2C data and vice versa.
✔️ High-speed I2C interface: 100kHz, 400kHz or 1.7 MHz

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  • High-speed I2C interface: 100kHz, 400kHz or 1.7 MHz
  • Configurable interrupt output spins: configurable as an active high, active low or open drain
  • Configurable interruption source: interrupt-on change made of configured register, default settings or PIN changes
  • Low standby current: 1UA (max.)
  • Max. Sensification current: up to 20mA per I/O-PIN
  • Polarity reversal register for configuring the polarity of the input sports data
  • External reset receipt
  • Operating tension: from 2.7V to 5.5V

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