AZ-MEGA2560-Board with Atmega2560

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✔️ Powerful microcontroller with many connections, even for large projects
✔️ ATmega2560 chipset with 16 MHz clock frequency, 256 KB flash memory (incl. 8 KB for bootloader), 8 KB SRAM and 4 KB EEPROM memory; easy PC connection via CH340G-USB
✔️ 55 digital I/O pins, 15 of them with 8-bit PWM, 16 analog inputs with 10-bit resolution, 6 external interrupt pins, 2 hardware serial connections, 1x SPI & I²C each
✔️ Dimensions (LxWxH): 102 x 53 x 15 mm (110 mm length incl. protruding electrical components)

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By purchasing the AZ-MEGA2560-Board with ATmega2560 you save money and get the concentrated power and versatility of the original. Due to the same pin layout and the ATmega2560 chipset, you don't have to make any code adjustments and can access the complete shield range, which is also compatible with the original Mega.

The AZ-MEGA2560-Board can be powered directly from the PC or optionally from an external power source with 5.5 x 2.1 mm connector (min. 7V, max. 10V; 6-12V are recommended).

The AZ-MEGA2560-Board with ATmega2560 can be used for very complex projects alone or in combination with other boards and shields.


  • Powerful ATmega2560 chipset with 256 KB flash memory (incl. 8 KB for bootloader), 8 KB SRAM and 4 KB EEPROM memory).
  • The perfect choice for projects that require complex circuits and more memory.
  • The AZ-MEGA2560-Board is equipped with a resettable poly fuse that prevents your computer's USB port from overheating when a high current flows through the card.
  • Compact and durable design.

Technical specifications

Microcontroller AZ-MEGA2560-Board
Dimensions 102x53x15mm (4.1x2x0.6in)
Interfaces SPI, I2C, Uart
Flash memory 256kb (8kb are used by the boot loader)
Sram 8kb
Eeprom 4kb
Clock frequency 16MHz
DC connector operating voltage 7-10V
Input voltage limit 6-12V
USB operating voltage 5V
DC power recording Pro I/O-PIN 40mA
DC power recording for 3.3V PIN 50mA
Digital E/A pins 54 (14 pins support PWM)
Analog input pins 16

PIN and code compatibility

Pin and code compatibility with the original ensure the cumulative performance and versatility of the original while allowing you to save money.

Quick start guide

When buying one of our high-quality products, you will also receive an inclusive e-book for a quick introduction to the world of microelectronics.

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