D1 Board Nodemcu ESP8266Mod-12f WiFi WLAN module compatible with Arduino

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✔️ The AZ-Delivery D1 is a NodeMCU WiFi board based on the ESP-8266MOD-12F.
✔️ Due to its standardized design, the AZ-Delivery D1 Board NodeMCU can be used and combined in a very versatile way!
✔️ AZ-Delivery wireless D1 development board is compatible with Arduino and can be programmed in Arduino IDE.
✔️ The D1 board can be conveniently integrated into any project with Wlan. Benefit from the versatile application possibilities of the classic!

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This board is the famous D1 board with the ESP8266 Wifi module, perfect for IoT applications. The D1 board is the big brother of the D1 Mini, whose main core is the ESP8266-12F module. Compared to the D1 Mini, this board offers more pins and thusconnection options to directly connect any modules to the wifi board without the need for additional microcontrollers. The basis of this board is the ESP8266-12F module, which is equipped with the ESP8266EX chip. This means that you are prepared for all possible applications. 

It uses the same shape and size of conventional boards, so you can use different types of shields with this board. The D1 development board is pin compatible with most shields. It has 10 GPIOs, all PWM, with I2C port and 1 analog input. The module is compatible with Arduino IDE and has a micro USB port.

Note: Please install the CH340G driver during the first startup, we will gladly provide it to you at any time.

AZDelivery® is a trademark registered at the DPMA (German Trademark and Patent Office). According to § 14 para. 2 MarkenG it is prohibited for third parties to use this trademark in commercial transactions.

Technical details of the D1 Development Board:

  • 11 digital input / starting pins, all pins have supported Interrupt / PwM / I2C / Einadig (except D0)
  • 1 analog input (3.3 V Max. Input)
  • A micro USB connection
  • A power connection, 7-12V electricity input.
  • Compatible with Nodemcu, Microphyton and Arduino
Technical details of the ESP8266ex Chips
  • Wi-Fi
    • Standards FCC/CE/Telec/SRRC
    • Protocols 802.11 b/g/n/e/i
    • Frequency Range 2.4 g ~ 2.5 g (2400m ~ 2483.5m)
    • Antenna PCB Trace, External, Ipex Connector, Ceramic Chip
  • Hardware
    • CPU Tensilica L106 32-bit micro controller
    • Peripheral interface
    • Remote Control GPIO/ADC/PWM
    • Operating Voltage 3.0 V ~ 3.6 V

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