16 in 1 kit accessory set with sensors and modules compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ 16-piece accessory set for your Raspberry Pi
✔️ Great kit with many sensors and modules
✔️ With this you have everything you need to get started
✔️ Economy price in a set - over 56% price advantage compared to buying the modules individually

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    With the AZ-Delivery accessory kit (16 in 1) for Raspberry Pi you get the following sensors and modules:

    • 1 piece DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor module.
    • 1 piece HC-SR501 Infrared sensor module
    • 1 piece DS1302 real time clock module
    • 1 piece rain sensor module
    • 1 piece Sound sensor module
    • 1 piece HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor module
    • 1 piece Flame sensor module Fire source detection
    • 1 piece LED traffic light module Creative DIY
    • 1 piece Photoresistor sensor module light barrier
    • 1 piece YL-69 soil moisture sensor module
    • 1 piece obstacle avoidance sensor module black and white line identification
    • 1 piece Vibration sensor module
    • 1 piece MQ-2 gas sensor module
    • 1 piece GY-68 BMP180 Barometric air pressure and temperature sensor 
    • 1 piece Tilt sensor module
    • 1 piece One channel TCRT5000 tracing module

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