2.4 Inch TFT LCD Touch Display Shield for 5V Compatible with Arduino

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✅ Main features: This bright AZ-Delivery 2.4 inch TFT LCD display has a resistive touch screen and an integrated SD card reader.
✅ Display controller: The TFT display module is equipped with an ILI9341 controller with integrated video RAM buffer. The integrated SD-Card Reader is controlled via the SPI protocol.
✅ Clear display: large resolution of 240x320 pixels for the clear presentation of text, graphics and images.
✅ Application examples: The TFT module has 2 main functions. One is the display of the image (output) and the other is the operation of the microcontroller (input) for the control, for example coffee machines, 3D printers, and many more.

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2.4 Inch SPI TFT Display

This 2.4 inch SPI TFT display features a bright 4 white LED backlight and a high resolution of 240x320 pixels for clear display of text, graphics and images. The TFT display module allows 262,000 colorful different shades ideal for displaying graphics. The popular SPFD5408 TFT controller can be controlled by a wide range of devices via SPI thanks to many freely available libraries.


  • Size: 71*52*7mm
  • 2.4 Diagonal LCD TFT Display
  • On-board 3.3V (300mA LDO regulator)
  • 5 V compatible, use with 3.3 V or 5 V logic
  • The driver chip for the LCD screen is ILI9341 and for the touch screen XPT2046
  • Usage type: the TFT Shield uses the digital pins 5-13 as well as the analog pins 0-3 of the UNO, depending on whether the touch screen and/or the SD card are used.

Pin Description

LCD_RST: LCD bus reset signal, low level reset
LCD_CS: LCD bus chip select signal, low level enable
LCD_RS: LCD bus command / data selection signal, low level: command, high level: data
LCD_WR: LCD bus write signal
LCD_RD: LCD bus read signal
GND: Power ground
5V: 5V power input
3V3: 3.3V power input
LCD_D0 - LCD_D7: LCD 8-bit data Bit0 - LCD 8-bit data Bit7
SD_SS: SD card SPI bus chip select signal, low level enable
LCD_D2: LCD 8-bit data Bit2
SD_DI: SD card SPI bus MOSI signal
SD_DO: SD card SPI bus MISO signal
SD_SCK: SD card SPI bus clock signal


Color representation: RBG 65K Driver IC: ILI9341 Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixel Module Interface: 8 Bit Parallel Interface (faster asl SPI) Support of 16-bit RGB 5V/3.3V Level Shifting IC

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