220V to 12V mini power supply compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✅ Input: 100-240 V AC / 50-60 Hz
✅ Output: 12 V DC / 3 W
✅ Maße (LxBxH): 35 x 20 x 15 mm (Kontakte ca. 5 mm lang)
✅ Kontaktabstände kompatibel zu Lochrasterplatinen

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  • 220V to 12V DC 3W Mini Power Supply
  • With the AZ-Delivery AC-12-3 power supply, you can transform 220V AC power from the wall socket to 12V DC power with up to 0.25A (3W). The small size allows flexible use of your circuits even when space is limited. The large input tolerance of 100-240V AC and 50-60Hz makes your setup compatible for worldwide connection to the power grid at the same time.
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  • Of course you will receive a fully automatic and guaranteed invoice including VAT and according to German standards when purchasing through AZDelivery.
  • Guaranteed ROHS conformity through purchase from German dealer

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