3 Pin Module Test Tool Prototyping Clamps 1x3 P 2.54MM Pitch Tester Module

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✅Our DIY module test tool is suitable for testing and programming and is therefore an ideal companion for your microelectronics projects.
✅This PCB test module is equipped with POGO spring contacts, which are durable and ensure reliable use in projects.
✅It is not necessary to solder pin strips to test modules with this tool.
✅The maximum operating current is up to 1A per pin. Thanks to a maximum voltage of up to 15V, the test clip is particularly versatile in its application.

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This is a test fixture for module testing and prototyping. The clamps are suitable for modules and boards without solder pin headers and make it possible to do without the pin headers or soldering of the headers.

Technical data

Dimensions 60mm x 16mm x 30mm
Weight Approx. 20g
Number of pins 3 pins
Grid dimension 2.54mm
Probe bushing type R75-3W

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