30 cm replacement flex cable for Raspberry Pi camera/display

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✔️ This flex cable is ideally suited for the Raspberry Pi camera module or the official Raspberry Pi display as well as all common replacement cameras for the Raspberry Pi, e.g. our AZDelivery camera for Raspberry Pi.
✔️ This cable is perfect if you find the originally supplied flex cable too short or too long, or even lost.
✔️ Same quality and fit as the original cable!
✔️ Easy connection with camera and module for photo and video enjoyment.

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With this camera cable you can replace the standard 30 cm flexible cable of a Raspberry Pi camera or display. Use our flexible ribbon cable to connect your camera module to your Raspberry Pi. Works perfectly, just carefully open the connector of the Pi and plug it in.

The flex cable plugs into the connector located between the Ethernet port and the HDMI port, with the silver connectors facing the HDMI port. The flex cable connector is opened by pulling the tabs on the top of the connector upward and then toward the Ethernet port. The flex cable is inserted firmly into the connector, taking care not to bend the flex too much. The top of the plug is then pushed towards the HDMI connector and down while the flex cable is held in place

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