35 in 1 sensor kit module kit and accessories compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ Great kit with many sensors and modules
✔️ This extensive accessory kit is fully compatible!
✔️ The package contains 35 sensors with which you can implement many other projects!
✔️ With the free eBook 📖 With installation instructions and example script from AZ-Delivery, you can get started directly with your project without having to deal with setting up the product for a long time.

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The original 37 sensor kit may not be sold within the EU. The Mercury Tilt Switch and Light Cup modules containing mercury are therefore no longer part of this kit.

This AZ-Delivery Kit contains the following 35 sensors:
1x Joystick 1x Relay 1x Big Sound 1x Small Sound 1x Tracking 1x Avoidance 1x Flame 1x Linear Hall Sensor 1x Touch 1x Digital Temperature 1x Buzzer 1x Passive Buzzer 1x RGB LED 1x SMD RGB 1x Two Color 5mm 1x Mini Two Color 3mm 1x Reed Switch 1x Mini Reed Switch 1x Heartbeat 1x 7 Color Flash 1x LED traffic light module 1x PCB mounted push button 1x Shock, a rolling-ball type Tilt Switch 1x Rotary Encoders 1x Rolling ball Tilt Switch 1x Photoresistor 1x Temp and Humidity 1x Analog Hall 1x Hall Magnetic 1x DS18B20 Temp 1x Analog Temp 1x IR Emission 1x IR Receiver 1x Tap Module 1x Light Blocking

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