Breadboard Kit - 3x jumper Wire M2M/F2M/F2F + 3 Set MB102 BREADBORD compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ Scope of delivery: 3x 40 pcs. 20cm Jumper Wire m2m/f2m/f2f + 3x MB-102 Breadboard with 830 contacts.
✔️ Plug-in board for fast construction of electronic circuits with 830 contacts.
✔️ Jumper wire with connector: "Female to Female" / "Female to Male" / "Male to Male".
✔️ Length of cables: 20 cm / 40 pieces per unit / 120 pieces in total

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What do you need for every smart home or microelectronics project?

Of course, jumper wire cables, as well as breadboards. And quite a lot of them. For this purpose, we offer you the Jumper Wire cable set with 120 jumper cables of 20 cm each together with 3 x MB102 breadboards. Thanks to the ideal compatibility with many modules, as well as Raspberry Pi microcontrollers, you can quickly and easily build a variety of projects.


  • With the high-quality AZDelivery jumper cables there are no limits for you.
  • You can use the Jumper Wire cables for countless projects with all common microcontrollers and modules and always benefit from a stable and secure connection.
  • The board is very handy for prototyping or learning electronics.
  • Easy and reliable connection and integration in many microelectronics projects.

Technical specifications

Pins Pro Breadboard 830
Length of the cables 20 cm
Pins / sockets 2.54 mm
Housing material ABS Plastic
Cable material Copper aluminum
Contact type Metal stripes

Microcontroller compatibility

The compact board is compatible with the Raspberry Pi microcontroller and thereby offer you secure integration into all of your projects.

Quick start guide

When buying one of our high-quality products, you will also receive an inclusive e-book for a quick introduction to the world of microelectronics.

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