Jumper Wire Kabel 40 pc. 20 cm F2F female to female compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi Breadboard

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✔️ Connect all your modules with the GPIO's of your Raspberry Pi easily and reliably with our plug-in bridge cables. This cable set offers you a lot of flexible extension possibilities to your plug-in board in the version with the female to female connector.
✔️ This kit includes 40 connecting cables with a length of 20 cm each. This makes them long enough for any of your projects.
✔️ Our plug-in cables can be used with a 2.54 mm pitch and are therefore compatible with all common pin headers. They separate effortlessly from one another and hold securely and firmly in their socket when in use.
✔️ In contrast to Chinese competitor products, a special copper mixture has been used in our jumper wire bridges, which, unlike the aluminum usually used inside, is very resistant and is characterized by excellent conductivity. It is therefore also suitable for industrial / professional use, as our copper mixture is characterized by extreme durability.

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What do you need for everyone Smarthome - or Microelectronics project?

Of course, jumper wire cables. And quite a lot of them. For this purpose we offer you the Jumper Wire Cable Set with 40 jumper cables of 20 cm each and female to female connectors. Our cables are especially resistant with the specially developed copper-aluminum composition and connect your modules reliably with your breadboard and your Raspberry.

With our cables you are well equipped for your next project and get best AZ-Delivery quality you can rely on.


  • ✔️ Specially developed composition made of copper and aluminium
  • ✔️ 40 connecting cables F2F
  • ✔️ Length: 20 cm
  • ✔️ 2.54 mm sockets
  • ✔️ Simply separable

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