6 Pin Programmer SPI Module Test Tool PCB Clamp 1*6P Gold Coated Pogo Pins

Size: 5x Set
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✅This test device is a reliable tool that can be used with displays, sensors and other devices. Especially suitable for experiments and hobby bastlers.
✅ The tool is a testing device for testing modules. It can be used without the need to soldered wires.
✅It can reach up to 8 rows far into a circuit board.
✅ It has a wide range of applications and can be used in many different ways, such as use at home, in the office and in industry.

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This test tool is ideal for testing I2C or SPI modules and other 6-pin modules. Any 6-pin module with a pin pitch of 2.54mm is suitable. This means that any common display, sensor or other device can be tested. Especially the SPI compatibility makes this tool very useful. Features: Operation sequence of this module test tool consists of each pin with 1A (max). The number of pins is: 1X6P.

Technical features:

  • Number of pins: 1X6P
  • Pin spacing: 2.54mm
  • Probe type: P75-E3 (cone), gold plated, long life
  • Probe socket type: P75-E3
  • Operating current: Each pin 1A (max)
  • Operating voltage: 15V (max)
  • Applicable pad for the probe: Feed-through pad, surface pad

Product Description

This is a test fixture for module test and code burning. It is suitable for modules and boards without solder pin headers and can be used to design code for various boards without solder pin headers.


Use the test fixture to upload code for different solder boards.

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