ADS1115 ADC Module 16Bit 4 channels for Raspberry Pi

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✔️ This analog-to-digital converter has a resolution of 16-bit and I2C interface for convenient control.
✔️ The module is suitable for all common microcontrollers with 2.0V - 5.5V, a use with Raspberry is possible without any problems.
✔️ The sample rate of the module is programmable up to 860/s.
✔️ Thanks to the internal PGA, up to 16x amplification of the analog signal is possible.

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Our AZ-Delivery ADS1115 is an analog to digital converter with 16 bit resolution and I2C interface for easy control of up to 4 analog channels.

So you can finally operate and evaluate analog sensors on your Raspberry or ESP8266 and ESP32.

Due to the wide voltage range between 2V and 5V the converter is suitable for almost all microcontrollers. Via implemented pins the I2C address can be adjusted to operate up to four of these modules on one bus.

✔️ Widely used module and popular in the community
✔️ Programmable sample rate
✔️ Programmable Gain Amplifier (operational amplifier)
✔️ Programmable Comparator

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