AZ-Touch wall housing set with touchscreen compatible with Arduino MKR

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✔️ Wall-mounted housing 120mm x 80mm x 35mm (W x H x D)
✔️ 2.8 inches (7.2 cm) colored with 320 x 240 pixels (ILI9341)
✔️ Resistiver Touchscreen (Touchcontroller XPT2046)
✔️ Integrated 5V voltage controller (input voltage 9 - 35V DC)

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With the MKR series has created a new standard in terms of form factor, performance and function for the popular microcontroller series. The new boards feature a compact design, a powerful 32bit Cortex M0 controller SAM D21 from Atmel and a connector for a LiPo battery. In addition, with this series it also offers for the first time different types for different radio standards. In addition to the basic MKR Zero model, there are other models that support LPWAN and GSM in addition to WLAN Unfortunately, until now there was no simple mechanical solution for using MKR modules together with a display as a control unit and an optional shield in such systems and for mounting them permanently on a wall. AZ-Touch MKR now closes this gap!

Contains 2.8" touch screen with ILI9341 controller, control via SPI. Touch controller type XPT2046.
The printed circuit board is provided with cutouts for the passage of the antenna cable and the connection cable for the battery. There is enough space inside the housing next to the touch for mounting the optional lithium battery and the antenna.

The new version of the wall-mounted housing set can be used not only with Arduino MKR but alternatively also with Arduino Nano 33 IoT, BLE, BLE Sense and RP2040!

AZ-Touch MKR can be used with the following Arduino MKR Boards:
WiFi1010 and 1000
Fox1200 (Sigfox)
Wan1310 (Lora)
NB1500 (NB-IoT)

Alternatively, the following Arduino Nano can also be used:
Nano 33 IoT
Nano 33 BLE
Nano 33 BLE Sense
Nano RP2040

It can only always be inserted an Arduino Mkr or an Arduino Nano Board.

Various Shields are available for the Arduino MKR series. The following Shields are suitable for use with AZ-Touch:

  • MKR 485 (RS422 / RS485)
  • MKR MEM (SD Card & Serial Flash)
  • Mkr can (can bus)
  • MKR ENV (sensor)
  • MKR MBus (metering)

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