Battery Shield for lithium batteries for D1 Mini

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✔️ The AZDelivery D1 Mini is a battery shield for Li-Ion and Li-Po batteries with charge controller and 5V booster (max: 1A).
✔️ This shield contains 2 pin headers with 8 pins each, as well as a USB interface for charging the battery.
✔️ Its ultra-compact design makes the AZDelivery D1 Mini Battery Shield very easy to integrate into existing projects.
✔️ Thanks to the 2-pin JST socket, many batteries can be used without soldering.

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With the AZDelivery Battery Shield the D1 Mini can be extended by a mobile power supply. Development board with powerful ESP8266 processor with integrated WLAN. All components required for the power supply of the D1 Mini are located on the space-saving PCB. The TP 5400 chip has protection circuitry according to the data sheet. This chip enables short charging times with a maximum charging current of 1000 mA. Thanks to the integrated charge control with automatic switch-off, your battery is always protected against overcharging.

Product features:

✔️ Compact and efficient.

✔️ 1 Normal analog input normal 3.3-4.2V

✔️ Dimensions: 28.5x26x7mm

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