Blue USB-B to USB-A cable compatible with UNO R3 and Mega 2560 and any Arduino development boards and microcontrollers

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✔️ Set with suitable cables for Arduino Uno R3 or Mega 2560
✔️ Usable with AZ-Delivery Uno R3 or Mega 2560

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A blue USB-B to USB-A cable is a cable used to make electrical connections and transfer data between electronic devices. It has a USB type B connector on one end and a USB type A connector on the other end, and is commonly used to connect electronic devices such as printers and scanners to computers. The cable is compatible with AZ-ATmega328 board and AZ-MEGA2560 board and other microcontrollers. This means that it can be used to connect and communicate with development boards and microcontrollers to a computer. The cable is also capable of supplying power from a USB port to an electronic device to operate it. The blue USB-B to USB-A cable is a very useful cable that allows electronic devices to easily connect and communicate with other devices. It is especially useful for use in mobile devices or in situations where a power outlet is not available.
  • Set with matching cables for popular microcontrollers!
  • Usable with AZ-Delivery Microcontroller Board or Mega 2560

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