Bundle with two ESP8266 for the blog Christmas greetings via shaking text with ESP32/8266 in MicroPython

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✅ Versatile range of applications: The set is perfect for realising the accompanying blog, whether for Christmas messages or other creative projects.
✅ Practical connection options: The included jumper wire cables and the MB-102 breadboard make it easy to connect the components and realise your ideas.
✅ Vibrant lighting design: The LED range with 350 units offers a wide range of LEDs to give your projects a vibrant and visually appealing effect.
✅ Extensive resistor variation: The resistor kit with 525 resistors in a range from 0 Ohm to 1M Ohm allows you to use them precisely in your projects.

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This set can be used to create Christmas greetings using the associated blog to create a so-called "shake text" with a Christmas message, for example. Of course, this affordable set can also be used for many other projects.

The following products are included in the project bundle:

  • 2x NodeMCU Lua Amica V2 ESP8266 (soldered pin headers)
  • LED assortment, 350 pieces
  • GY-521 MPU-6050 3-axis gyroscope and acceleration sensor
  • Resistors Resistor Kit 525 pieces, 0 Ohm -1M Ohm
  • Jumper wire cable 3 x 40 pcs. 20 cm each M2M/ F2M / F2F
  • MB-102 Breadboard breadboard with 830 contacts

Additional products may be required to implement this blog article.

You can find the relevant blog article here: Christmas greetings via shaking text with ESP32/8266 in MicroPython

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