HD44780 1602 LCD module Display Bundle with I2C interface 2x16 characters (with green background) Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ The AZDelivery LCD Display 16x2 consists of a handy 2x16 character LCD display and an I2C interface with 6 selectable I2C addresses, with which up to 6 displays can be operated simultaneously.
✔️ This LCD display I2C has a large, bright and clear display (16 characters x 2 lines) and allows contrast adjustment via a potentiometer.
✔️ The I2C LCD module can be quickly and easily soldered to the display and the I2C addresses can be changed with the solder bridges.
✔️ ️Our AZDelivery 16x2 LCD module comes together an e-book and is used in many applications and projects, such as copiers, laser printers, network devices like routers and storage devices, real-time clocks and so on. You can find detailed information about the product in the datasheet on our website. The display is compatible with the Liquid Crystal Library!

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The high-contrast AZDelivery I2C display enables the display of 16 x 2 characters in white font on a green background. Thanks to I2C to Serial Converter, the display can be operated with only two data pins on compatible boards.

The I2C-FC113 adapter allows you to reduce the cabling effort.

The changeable addresses allow you to run up to 6 of these display combinations on one microcontroller. The I2C addresses can be changed thanks to the I2C port expander and by connecting the two nearby solder jumpers.

With the included jumper and potentiometer you can also control the backlight or the contrast of the display independently from the code.

Well documented libraries exist for microcontrollers, e.g. NewliquidCrystal.

Product properties:

  • Viewing area (WxH): 64mmx16mm
  • Character size (WxH): 2.96mmx5.56mm
  • Dot size (WxH): 0.56mmx0.66mm
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Operating temperature: -20 to 70 degrees

Included in the package:

  • 1 x 16x2 LCD display 16x2 characters with I2C adapter with a green background
  • E-book for easy entry

Welcome to the AZDelivery family! Here you will find high quality products for your projects with Raspberry Pi. We are pleased to offer you a range of application examples, complete installation guides, e-books, libraries and personal support.

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