Carbon Dioxide Gas Sensor Metal Oxide CCS811 Sensor with High Sensitivity On-Board Detection Sensor Module for Air Quality

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✅ This type of digital sensor is used for the measurement of changes in volatile organic compounds, in particular carbon dioxide (CO2). The module is equipped with a CJMCU-811 CCS811 CO2 Air Quality Metal Oxide Gas Sensor.
✅ The sensor is characterized by a relatively low power consumption and can therefore also be used in battery-powered devices.
✅ This device is mainly used for monitoring indoor air quality and can be read by microcontrollers via the I2C interface.
✅ Due to its complex design, the module is very sensitive and able to accurately calculate the share of eCO2.

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Metal oxide (MOX) sensors for monitoring indoor air quality. The I2C slave interface can be directly connected to the higher-level control system.


This breakout board provides a convenient introduction to the use of the popular CCS811, a digital air quality sensor module that measures a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), especially equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2).

Technical data

Power supply recommended 3.3 V
Power consumption up to 60mW
IIC communication frequency 400KHz
TVOC detection range 0 ~ 1187ppb
eCO2 detection range 400 ~ 8192ppm

Alternative address selection

You can select the alternate I2C address by pulling the ADD pin HIGH, so you can connect two of these sensors to the same bus.

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