HD44780 2004 LCD display 4x20 characters blue

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✅4 Zeilen zu je 20 Zeichen
✅Blaues Backlight / Hintergrundbeleuchtung
✅Abmessungen: 98x60x12mm
✅5V Versorgungsspannung

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This 20x4 LCD module with an integrated HD44780 controller allows the display of 20x4 characters in white font on a blue background. The display is controlled via an Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or similar. The display can be connected directly to the GPIO ports of the e.g. Arduino. 

The assignment of the 16 contacts is as follows: 

VSS: GND (ground 
VDD: +5V supply voltage 
V0: contrast voltage, this can be between 0V and 5V 
RS: register, selection 0:command register, 1: data register 
R/W: 1:Read/0:Write contacts 
E: Enable 
D0: Data line 
D1: Data line 
D2: Data line 
D3: Data line 
D4: Data line 
D5: Data line 
D6: Data line 
D7: Data line 
A: Anode of the backlight 
K: Cathode of the backlight

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