Multi-turn rotary potentiometer with protection resistor 3590S 100K ohm with adjustable resistance

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✅This high-quality Multi-Turn Poti 3590S-2-103L has a high resistance tolerance that is sufficient for versatile projects.
✅ Thanks to the fine materials, this potentiometer set is versatile and long-lasting. It has a lifetime of 1000 hours. of 1 million rotations
✅ The plastic housing helps with storage during transport and also at home in the accessory set.
✅ The combination of carbon foil and metal ensures the resistance of the product and makes it possible to use it in numerous projects.

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Independent linearity accuracy makes this module a good choice for your electronics project. High precision combined with modern and user-friendly design makes this product easy to use.

Special Features:

  • Resistance: 100K Ω
    Windings: 10 windings
    Shaft diameter: 6.3mm, mounting hole: 10mm
    Resistance tolerance: ±5%, independent linearity accuracy: ±0.25%.
    Lifetime: 1,000,000 revolutions

Technical data

Revolutions 10
Lifetime 1.000.000 revolutions
Power 2W
Resistance value 100K Ohm
Resistor tolerance ± 5%
Linearity ± 0,25%
Shaft diameter 6mm/0.24"
Thread diameter 9mm/0.35"
Total length 40mm/1.6"
Lifetime load 1000 hours
Mechanical angle 3600 ° ± 10 °
Operating temperature range -55 ° - 125 °
Size (without hearing wave) 22x1 9mm/0.9 "x 0.7"(DxH)

Possible risks:

The potentiometer has an extreme durability. However, it should not be stored in rooms with extremely hot temperatures.

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