Data logger module data recorder shield compatible with Arduino

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✅ SD-Card Interface ist kompatibel mit FAT16 oder FAT32 formatierten Karten
✔️ 3.3V level shifter circuit prevents damage to the SD card.
✔️ The real-time clock (RTC) still measures the time even if the microcontroller is not plugged in.
✅ Eingebundene Bibliotheken und Beispielcode für SD- und RTC bedeuten, Sie können schnell loslegen.

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With our DataLogger-Shield it is especially easy and comfortable to log measured values. Open source libaries are available for this shield, the standard SD library can also be used. With the Shield you can also use newer SD cards. Due to our product packaging, the longer pins of the shield, which are prone to bending, are optimally protected. Of course, this product comes with the button cell shown. With the efficient storage method, you can store thousands of records on on small SD cards.

✔️ The SD card interface is compatible with FAT16 or FAT32 formatted cards.

✔️ The real-time clock (RTC) still measures the time even when the module is not plugged in.

✔️ The backup battery lasts for years.

✔️ Great popularity in the community.

✔️ Compatible with Duemilanove, Diecimila , Leonardo or ADK / Mega R3 or higher.

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