KY-040 Rotary Encoder Rotary Encoder Module

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✔️ With our AZDelivery Rotary Encoder KY-040, you have the option of simulating a phonetic string controller or simply counting.
✔️ The knob on the rotary encoder can not only be turned, but also pressed. This gives you even more possibilities.
The AZDelivery KY-040 encoder does not have a fixed end position. You can continue to rotate it as often as you like.
✔️ The Azdelivery Rotary Encoder fits your Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

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The KY-040 rotary encoder (also called rotary encoder) is an electronic component used to measure the rotary motion of machines or devices. It is an optical encoder that consists of a static part (the encoder wheel) and a rotating part (the encoder spindle). The encoder spindle has a series of holes that are sensed by a photodiode as the encoder rotates. The photodiode then sends signals to a microcontroller, which counts the number of holes detected by the photodiode and thus measures the rotary motion of the encoder.

The KY-040 encoder is widely used in industrial applications, such as controlling machinery or monitoring processes. It can also be used in control systems for DIY projects or to create user interfaces in electronics projects.

The digital potentiometer for your project: with our KY-040 rotary encoder you can navigate through your self-created menu items or even control speeds. Unlike analog potentiometers, the angle of rotation is not limited. In practical modular design. With additional switching contact!


Pin assignment Raspberry Pi:

CLK = GPIO16 [Pin 36]
DT = GPIO15 [Pin 10]
SW = GPIO14 [Pin 8]
+ = 3,3V [Pin 1]
GND = Ground

[Pin 6]


Pin assignment Arduino:

CLK = [Pin 3]
DT = [Pin 4]
Button = [Pin 5]
+ = [Pin 5V]
GND = [Pin GND]

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