DSN-VC288 voltmeter amperemeter module with LED display compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ Measurement device with LED display for the simultaneous measurement of voltage (red LEDs) and current (blue LEDs).
✔️ Tolerant operating voltage between 4.5 and 30 V at 20 mA.
✔️ Wide measuring ranges thanks to integrated shunt: 0-100 V (0.1V steps, 0.1% tolerance); 0-10A (0.01A steps, 1% tolerance).
✔️ Dimensions (LxWxH) - Total: 48 x 29 x 22 mm; Display: 36 x 18 mm; Slot: 45.2 x 25.8 mm.

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The AZDelivery DSN-VC288 volt Amperemeter with integrated two-color LED display precisely measures voltages up to 100V and currents up to 10A in 0.1V or 0.01A steps for you. It can be operated from the module, a car battery or other voltage sources up to a maximum of 30V and consumes only a maximum of 20mA. The entire module comes in a self-retaining, plug-in housing that has only a 2.5 mm thin frame when installed. The segment display with its bright red (voltage) and blue (current) LEDs at a total display area of 23 x 18 mm, it is easy to read even in bright light or poor visibility.

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