Dual Base Shield PCB Board for D1 Mini Nodemcu ESP8266

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✔️ This accessories compatible with D1 Mini (Pro) facilitates the use of Shields for the D1.
✔️ All 16 pins are connected one to one.
✔️ The board is supplied with the required socket connectors.
✔️ This high quality adapter board is compatible with all D1 mini modules and D1 mini shields.

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The AZ-Delivery Dual Base Shield compatible with D1 Mini NodeMCU ESP8266 allows you to connect the shields to the D1 Mini without stacking them on top of each other.

For more complex projects, the dual base gives you the ability to easily expand your setup.

✔️ The Dual Base compatible with D1 mini (Pro) is suitable for all D1 Mini modules and D1 Mini Shields.
✔️ This board makes it possible to connect a D1 Mini with soldered pin headers on the bottom side to a matching Shield in a simple way.
✔️ All pins are connected through one to one.
✔️ The scope of delivery includes the PCB and 4x female headers.

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