Double H-Bridge DC Motor Controller Board Module AZ-L298N | compatible with Arduino

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✅ Our double H-bridge DC Motor Controller is a board that you can use to control DC motors. The module uses an AZ-L298N and has protective diodes.
✅ Logical voltage 5V, operating voltage 5V-35V, drive current 2A. Maximum power 25W. The size of the motor controller is 43×43×27 mm, 1.69×1.69×1.06".
✅ Our Dc Motor Controller is ideal for DIY projects such as robots, CNC machines or other superstructures of this type.
✅ All in one: If the motor voltage is above 7V, no further external voltage supply is required for the motor driver.

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Our product can be used in various microelectronics projects by you. It is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Bring some movement into your home!

Technical Features:

  • Motor control IC: L298N
  • Operating voltage range: 5-35V
  • Continuous current per channel: 2A
  • PCB size: 44 x 47 x 28 mm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Double H-bridge circuit to control 2 DC motors or 1 stepper motor
  • PWM speed control for each channel
  • Built-in 5V voltage regulator for powering other components
  • Built-in LED indicators for motor and module status
  • Screw terminals for easy connection of motor and power supply
  • Compatible with a wide range of microcontroller boards, including Arduino

General application

The motor driver can be used in a variety of projects, such as home automation, agricultural automation, and other applications that require motor control.

Use of the internal voltage regulator

The driver is equipped with an internal voltage regulator. As long as the input voltage to the motors is above 7V, this regulator supplies 5V to the driver. The regulator also has a 5V output. This can be used to power a microcontroller or other device in combination with the driver. If the input voltage is below 7 V, the jumper on the board must be removed. This disables the controller and the former 5V output becomes a 5V input. Powering the input is not optional, the 5V is required for the driver to function properly.

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