Elko range electrolytic capacitor aluminum 24 variants, 500 pieces 0.1uf - 1000UF with storage box compatible with Arduino

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✔️ Different applications: There is something for every application! Regardless of whether the capacitors for a provisional circuit, the storage of electricity, the repair of electrical appliances or a project is required, in this kit there is the right capacitor for every need
✔️ Breadboard compatibility: The Elkos Elektrolyt Capacitor can easily be put on a Breadboard, they sit firmly and safely
✔️ Practical storage box: The capacitors are safely packed in a box and the position of all kind of Elko is noted on the lid
✔️ Covers a large voltage range: This set contains capacitors with maximum voltages of 10-50V and capacities of 0.1uf - 1000 UF

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Elko range 500 pieces with storage box

The AZ-Delivery ElKo assortment should not be missing at any hobbyist! The kit consists of a sensible combination of 24 different values from 0.1μF to 1000μF and thus allows comfortable work with breadboards and for experimental circuits. 

For any kind of repair or circuit you can find the right capacitor in this kit. Installation on the breadboard is also possible without any problems. 

The assortment covers all voltages from 10-50V. This is a maximum value, the capacitors can also be operated with less voltage. On the capacitors are printed the capacitance and voltage, as well as a mark of the polarity. These data are also noted on the inside of the box to facilitate identification of the capacitors. 


✔️Capacity tolerance: up to 20%

✔️Capacity: 0.1uf - 1000UF

✔️Operating temperature range: -40 ° C to +105 ° C

✔️ Maximal voltages: 10-50V

Contained capacitors:

  • 30x 0.1uf 50V
  • 20x 0.22uf 50V
  • 20x 0.47uf 50V
  • 20x 1uf 50V
  • 30x 2.2uf 50V
  • 30x 3.3uf 50V
  • 30x 4.7uf 50V
  • 30x 10UF 25V
  • 20x 10UF 50V
  • 30x 22uf 16V
  • 30x 22uf 25V
  • 30x 33uf 16V
  • 30x 47uf 10V
  • 20x 47uf 25V
  • 15x 47uf 50V
  • 20x 100uf 16V
  • 15x 100uf 25V
  • 15x 220UF 10V
  • 15x 220UF 25V
  • 10x 330UF 25V
  • 10x 470uf 10V
  • 10x 470uf 16V
  • 10x 680uf 16V
  • 10x 1000UF 16V

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