Photo resistance Photo Resistor Diode Set 150V 5mm LDR5528 GL5528 5528

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✅0,5 K-200 K Ohm
✅Maximale Spannung: 150 Volt DC; Maximale Leistung: 100mW
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A photoresistor, also known as a light-dependent resistor (LDR), is an electrical component that changes its electrical resistance depending on the amount of incident light. Photoconductors are made of a semiconductor material that changes its conductivity when irradiated by light. They are commonly used in light and brightness sensors and can also be used in applications such as lighting controls, security systems and environmental monitoring. The sensor has a dielectric strength of up to 150V and a diameter of 5mm. It can be used in combination with other electrical components to monitor light conditions and trigger appropriate responses.

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