GPIO extension Extension Board for Raspberry Pi 3, PI 2, PI Model B

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✅Praktisches Breakout mit funktionsbezogener Beschriftung
✅Passend für Raspberry Pi 1A+ / 2B / 3B / 3B+ / 3A+
✅Alle Pins in dreifacher Ausführung
✅Selbstverständlich erhalten Sie beim Kauf durch AZDelivery vollautomatisch und garantiert auch eine Rechnung inkl. MwSt und nach deutschen Standards.

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A GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) expansion board is an add-on device that can be connected to a Raspberry Pi to provide additional GPIO pins. The Raspberry Pi has a variety of digital input and output pins called GPIO pins that can be used to communicate with and control external devices. A GPIO expansion board allows you to connect more devices to the Raspberry Pi by providing additional GPIO pins. A GPIO expansion board is a useful addition to the Raspberry Pi if you want to connect more devices or develop more complex projects.

✔️Praktisches Breakout with function related labeling.
✔️Passend for Raspberry Pi 1A+ / 2B / 3B / 3B+ / 3A+
✔️Alle Pins in triplicate
✔️Selbstverständlich you will receive fully automatic and guaranteed invoice including VAT and according to German standards when you purchase through AZDelivery.
✔️Garantierte ROHS conformity through purchase from German distributor

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