GY-302 BH1750 Light sensor brightness sensor for Raspberry Pi

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✅Dieser Licht-Sensor eignet sich ideal für Wetterstationen oder Smart-Home-Projekte
✅Der Verwendete BH1750 garantiert ein hohes Anwendungsspektrum durch seinen großen Messbereich
✅Mit einen komfortablen I2C-Interface zur einfachen Ansteuerung des Sensors
✅Bei diesem Breakout wurde zusätzlich ein Pin zur Änderung der I2C-Adresse ausgeführt

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The GY-302 BH1750 is a light sensor designed for measuring light intensity and brightness. It uses a highly sensitive light sensor based on photometry technology. The BH1750 outputs its measured values in the form of digital values that are proportional to the measured light intensity. The GY-302 BH1750 is typically available as a modular system that has the BH1750 integrated on a carrier board with a variety of peripherals, including a power supply, signal processing, and connections for external devices. It can be used to monitor indoor and outdoor lighting conditions and is commonly found in applications such as lighting controls, security systems and environmental monitoring. The GY-302 BH1750 can also be connected to a Raspberry Pi to collect and process real-time light intensity and brightness data.

Our GY-302 module is equipped with the BH1750 light sensor. This has a very large measuring range and, thanks to free libraries, finally outputs brightness values in lux. The module is connected via the I2C interface, therefore only 4 cables are needed.

Thanks to the integrated level converter, the module can be supplied with 3V as well as with 5V and is compatible with most microcontrollers.

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