GY-61 ADXL335 acceleration sensor 3-practice inclination angle module

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✅ ADXL335 Modul (Drei-Achsen-Beschleunigungssensor Analogausgang )
✅ Boost Netzteil: 5V (max: 1A)
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The GY-61 ADXL335 is an accelerometer designed to measure accelerations in three axes (X, Y and Z) along the surface of the earth. It uses a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer based on the piezoelectric effect. The ADXL335 outputs its measurements in the form of analog voltages proportional to the measured accelerations. The GY-61 ADXL335 is typically available as a modular system that has the ADXL335 integrated on a carrier board with a variety of peripherals, including a power supply, signal processing, and connectors for external devices. It can be used to measure motion, tilt, and vibration and is commonly found in applications such as control, navigation, and gaming.
  • ADXL335 module (three-axis accelerometer analog output )
  • Boost power supply: 5V (max: 1A)
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