GY-MAX4466 Electret Microphone, Amplifier Breakout Sensor - Compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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✔️ Many applications: The Max4466 microphone is very well suited for recording tones, voice/sound channel or projects with speech recognition
✔️ Fits into any project: Extremely small design: The audio module is super small and lightweight design.
✔️ Very little noise: The MAX4466 microphone is very well protected against noise from the power supply
✔️ Steplessly adjustable gain: Via a potentiometer, the gain can be adjusted from 25x to 125x

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GY-MAX4466 Elektret microphone, amplifier Breakout sensor

The Max 4466 microphone module is particularly characterized by its compact design and the wide range of possible uses. 

Due to its design it finds a place in every project, also the weight with approx. 0.8g is no problem. It is not only small, but also very energy efficient, the power supply by a microcontroller is unproblematic. 

Only three cables are needed for connection. The gain is freely adjustable from 25x to 125x. In addition, the microphone is very well protected against noise from the power supply. The output signal is particularly clear and free of interference. All this allows a wide set of conceivable applications for this microphone. For example, it can be used for recording sounds, for voice changers or even projects with speech recognition. 


✔️ Input voltage: 3-5V
✔️ Electricity recording: max. 0.5mA
✔️ Reinforcement: 25x-125x (potentimeter)
✔️ Signal: Analog
✔️ Operating temperature: -20 ° C/+70 ° C
✔️ Dimensions: 20x14x8mm
✔️ Weight: approx. 0.8g

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