HD44780 2004 LCD Display Bundle 4x20 characters with I2C interface

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✅4 Zeilen zu je 20 Zeichen
✅Blaues Backlight / Hintergrundbeleuchtung
✅Abmessungen: 98x60x12mm
✅5V Versorgungsspannung

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This AZ delivery display is a 2004 4-line, 20-digit alphanumeric LCD with HD44780 display controller and a standard 4/8-bit parallel interface. The available I2C interface fits directly on the back of the display and converts its interface from parallel to simple 2-wire I2C (perfect for microcontrollers to save I/O ports).

Compatibility with numerous microcontrollers allows easy integration of our display into small and large projects, such as copiers, laser printers, network devices like routers and storage devices, real-time clocks, etc.


  • Thanks to the 8 selectable I2C addresses, 6 displays can be operated simultaneously.
  • With the included jumper and potentiometer you can control the contrast of the display and the backlight independently from the code.
  • The perfect display to make your projects more interesting and lively!

Technical specifications

Dimensions 98 mm x 60 mm x 14 mm
Resolution 20 characters x 4 lines
LCD type STN, positive, transflective, blue
Backlight Blue
Modes Parallel (8-bit and 4-bit)
I2C adapter / I2C address 0x27; Address can be selected - area 0x20 to 0x27
Operating voltage 5V
Operating temperature From -20 ° C to +70 ° C

Easy wiring

With the help of the I2C-FC113 adapter, you can reduce the cabling effort and quickly and easily integrate the display into numerous projects.

Quick start guide

When buying one of our high-quality products, you will also receive an inclusive e-book for a quick introduction to the world of microelectronics.

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