HW-140 DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Step Up/Down, LCD display, 3A 5.5V-30V for 0.5V-30V compatible with Arduino

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✔️ No external multimeter needed anymore thanks to Lc display: The module can measure the voltage, current and even power at the output and display it on the LCD
✔️ Precise tuning of power output: Separate trimmers allow precise adjustment of voltage and current
✔️ Safe operation: The module is protected by reverse polarity protection at the input, overload protection and anti-backflow diode at the output.
✔️ Various uses: The power supply can be used for power supply, as a voltage limiter, as a charger, as a high power LED constant current driver module or for regulating voltages up and down (step-up and step-down) with overcurrent protection. It is not necessary to add an anti-backflow diode when used as a charger because the output is protected by the diode

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HW-140 DC-DC Buck Boost Converter Step Up/Down

The HW-140 power supply is a true all-rounder. In real time, the display shows either the voltage and current at the input, the voltage and current at the output or the power output. The different modes can be changed by a button, labeled IN/OUT, next to the display. 

Directly next to this button is another one, labeled ON/OFF. With the help of the ON/OFF button it is possible to switch off the display or to switch off the output. The possibility to switch off the output is very practical because no cables have to be disconnected to deactivate the power supply. To determine if the output is currently on or off, there is an LED labeled ON. When this is lit, the output is activated.

For the adjustment of voltage and current the module has two trimmers. These are independently adjustable. The voltage is displayed with an accuracy of 0.01V, the current with an accuracy of 0.001A or 1mA. When the current reaches the set maximum value, an LED labeled CC lights up. This indicates that the current limit has been reached.

In addition, the module has a soft start, when switching on the voltage is ramped up to the selected value and is not directly full on.

These features make the power supply usable for many applications. The built-in anti-backflow diode is especially useful when charging car batteries or rechargeable batteries. So that the current flow does not reverse if the voltage of the battery exceeds the voltage of the module. In addition, this diode functions as reverse polarity protection at the output.


  • Input voltage: 5.5-30V
  • Output voltage: 0.5-30V
  • Output current: 3a constant, with additional cooling up to 4a
  • Efficiency: ~ 88%
  • Switching frequency: 180kHz
  • Measurement accuracy: +-5%
  • Dimensions: 66x48x22mm
  • Weight: 47g

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