Door lock IOT safe project with video tutorial

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New bundle to the current video project. Build automatic door lock with MG995 Servo.
Control via RFID tag and monitoring via WLAN connection of the ESP32 D1 Mini. We show you how to do it!
Buy the products in a set today and save 50% compared to the current individual prices!
As usual, you can find the sketch and fritzing for the video on our blog page. The link to this is further down in the product description. Get started right away!

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Do you want to build your own door lock with RFID authentication? We show how to do it and have the necessary microelectronics for you:

In the latest video blog we show how you can build a simple door lock using MG995 servo and other microelectronics. By using the ESP32 D1 Mini, in addition to RFID-controlled locking, monitoring by means of e-mail notification via WLAN is also possible.

Discover the instructions in the video now and get the required products today especially cheap as a set.

The following products are included in the bundle:

  • ESP32 D1 Mini NodeMCU WiFi Module
  • LED Ring 5V RGB WS2812B 12-Bit 37mm
  • RFID Kit RC522 with Reader, Chip and Card (13,56MHz)
  • MG995 Micro Digital Servo Motor
  • LM2596S DC-DC Step down Module

Order now, save and start tinkering!

To the project description with Sketch and Fritzing.

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