LM2596S Step-down DC-DC Buck Converter with 3-digit digital display

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✔️️ No external measuring device needed anymore! The built-in voltmeter can measure the input or output voltage and show it on the display.
✔️️ Voltage control: The trimmer allows precise adjustment of the output voltage from 3.3-24V. The step down module is already usable from 4V input voltage.
✔️️ Compact design: The design guarantees continuous operation with a current of 2A, in combination with additional cooling up to 3A can be retrieved.
✔️️ Multipurpose device: Especially convenient for using different microcontrollers at the same time, a 5V power supply can be regulated down to 3.3V.

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LM2596S Buck Converter with 3 Digits Display Step-Down DC-DC Converter 4-40V to 3.3-24V

The LM2596S module is mainly characterized by the integrated voltmeter and the corresponding display. The 7 segment display can show either the input voltage or the output voltage. This eliminates the need for an external voltmeter and saves setup time.

Two separate LEDs indicate which of the two voltages is currently being shown on the display.  These are labeled IN and OUT. When the IN LED is lit, the display shows the input voltage. If the OUT LED is lit, the display shows the output voltage. With the button right next to the LEDs you have the possibility to switch between IN and OUT.

The display is especially useful for adjusting the output voltage. While you adjust the voltage on the trimmer, you can follow the changes on the display. Thus a very precise tuning is possible without an external measuring device. For reliable operation, only a voltage difference of 1.5V between the input and output voltage is required.


✔️️ Input voltage: 4-40V
✔️️ Output voltage: 3.3-24V
✔️️ Output current: 2a constant, with additional cooling 3A
✔️️ Voltage meter accuracy: +-1%
✔️️ Dimensions: 66x36x13mm
✔️️ Weight: 22g

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