Matrix Display with Max7219, ESP8266 and GY-21 in Micropython

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With this bundle, you get the required modules to implement the project described in the blog.
This bundle includes a MAX7219 matrix display, an ESP8266 Lolin microcontroller, a breadboard plus jumpers for easy project setup, and a GY-21 (HTU21) temperature and humidity sensor.
If you purchase our project sets, you will receive a large discount in relation to the individual products.
Simply follow the description in the blog and use the sketch presented.

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A nice big display alone can't be everything. After all, you don't buy a car just to put it in the garage so it doesn't feel so alone. That's why the blog for this set shows the use of the matrix display with GY-21 temperature and humidity sensor and ESP8266. Because of the few components, this project, as well as the matrix display itself, is well suited for beginners. With the large LED matrix, you can nicely output the values of the HTU21 sensor after implementing the project.

The following products of the project are included in the bundle:

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