MBUS Shield for Arduino MKR

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✅galvanisch getrenntes M-Bus Master Interface
✅maximal 6 Lasteinheiten können versorgt werden
✅kann mit jedem Arduino MKR Board kombiniert werden
✅für Smartmetering Anwendungen

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This Arduino MKR Shield extends your Arduino MKR with functions for Smartmetering. The shield provides an M-Bus master to which other M-Bus devices such as electricity, water or gas meters (with appropriate interface) can be directly connected.


  • galvanically isolated M-Bus master interface
  • M-Bus is supplied by an external power supply (9...30V) (the 36V for the MBUS are generated internally from this voltage)
  • maximum 6 load units can be supplied
  • can be combined with any Arduino MKR board

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