AZ-ATmega328DIP Board Microcontroller Board ATmega16U2 8-bit Development Board with USB Cable

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✅ Easy programming via USB the cable and solderless pins allow even beginners to start projects immediately.
✅ 14 digital inputs and outputs & 6 analog inputs, allowing the microcontroller to be used for larger projects.
✅ The ATmega328P microcontroller enables the execution of sophisticated programs.
✅ Easily programmable!

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AZ-ATmega328DIP Board Microcontroller Board ATmega16U2 8-bit Developer Board with USB Cable

The right board for everyone - no matter if beginner or pro - due to the easy programming via USB cable and the solderless pins everyone can build his first project within minutes!

With 14 digital inputs and outputs and 6 analog inputs, our AZ-Delivery microcontroller can also be used for larger projects!

Thanks to ATmega328P microcontroller also more demanding programs can be executed! Easily programmable!

Welcome to the AZDelivery family! Here you will find high quality products for your projects with Raspberry Pi. We are happy to offer you a range of application examples, complete installation guides, e-books, libraries and personal support.

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