Microcontroller Board LGT8F328P with CH340 compatible with Arduino IDE

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✅ Easy programming via USB cables in the Arduino IDE and solderless pins allow even beginners to start projects immediately.
✅ LGT8F328P is compatible with the AVR instruction set and surpasses the ATMEGA328P in all specifications.
✅ 14 digital inputs and outputs and 8 analog inputs make it possible to use this microcontroller for larger projects.
✅ The LGT8F328P architecture is relatively new, and the peripheral features are much more extensive than at the Atmega328P.

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This board is superior to UNO style boards with ATmega328p in all areas and has better features such as higher clock frequency, built-in DAC and 12-bit ADC. The processor has an internal 32MHz oscillator and an external 16MHz oscillator that you can choose between in the Arduino IDE.

Technical details

Processor LGT8F328P
USB serial chip CH340
Input voltage DC 5V (USB powered)
Flash size 32KB
ADC 12 bit
DAC 8 bit
Working frequency 32MHz (external 16MHz)

Better alternative

The LGT8F328P replaces the Atmega328P to provide not only a compatible but also an improved replacement for the Arduino Uno compatible boards.

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