Microswitch pushbutton set - 180 pieces, Various sizes, Versatile pushbuttons for electronics

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✅ Large selection of breadboard friendly pushbuttons in various sizes for versatility and adaptability in your electronics and microcontroller projects.
✅ Our set contains 180 pieces of pushbutton, with sizes from 4.3mm to 14mm, so you always have the right switch for the application.
✅ Robust construction of the push buttons ensures a long service life and a clear, noticeable operating pressure at every push of a button.
✅ Ideal for Arduino-, Raspberry Pi-and other microcontroller projects that require reliable input hardware. Can also be used for electronic repairs or DIY projects.

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Enrich your electronics and Arduino projects with our versatile set of microswitch pushbuttons. With a total of 180 pushbuttons in various shaft lengths, you're sure to find the right pushbutton for your specific project.

Each pushbutton in this set is designed for rugged use and provides a comfortable click with each press. Whether for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other microcontroller projects, these pushbuttons provide reliable input hardware. They are also great for general electronics repair or DIY projects.


Key Features:

  • 180-piece set of micro switches.
  • Wide range of sizes from 4.3mm to 14mm
  • Rugged construction for intensive use
  • Ideal for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontroller projects

    Product specifications:

    Number of switches: 180
    Switch sizes: 4.3mm to 14mm
    Resolution: 240 x 280 pixel
    Design: Microswitch button

    The set contains:

    10x 7x7x14mm locking buttons 15x

    6x6x13mm Tactile buttons 15x

    6x6x12mm Tactile keys 20x

    6x6x11mm Tactile keys 20x

    6x6x9.5mm Tactile keys

    20x 6x6x8mm Tactile Keys 20x

    6x6x7mm Tactile keys 20x 6x6x6mm

    Tactile buttons 20x 6x6x5mm Tactile

    Keys 20x 6x6x4.3mm Tactile Keys

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