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✅Je 4 Platinen in 4 unterschiedlichen Größen: 8x2 cm; 7x5 cm; 7x3 cm; 6x4 cm;
✅Standard-Lochabstand von 2,54 mm (0,1 inch) – kompatibel zu allen Shields und Breadboard-Hardware!
✅Flexibles Bestücken durch beidseitig mögliches Verlöten.
✅M2-Montagelöcher in jeder Ecke zur komfortablen und sicheren Befestigung.

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The AZDelivery PCB Board Set allows you to prototype comfortably without wobble contacts.

Design your PCB layouts for your DIY projects suitable for all 2.54mm breadboard setups, or translate your breadboard setup to one of the four different sized breadboards.

(LxW / number of holes): 8x2 cm / 28x6; 7x5 cm / 24x18; 7x3 cm / 24x10; 6x4 cm / 20x14.

The holes, which can be soldered on both sides, are at a standard distance of 2.54 mm from each other and have no cross-connections, so that you are guaranteed the highest possible flexibility and compatibility.


  • PCB boards with different size are easily suitable for any type of project.
  • The compact and durable design allows safe integration and reliable use.
  • These PCB boards can be cut into any shape to meet any project needs.
  • In all PCB boards, the plated holes are pre-tinned and very solid, making it easy to solder components.

Technical specifications

Boards 4 different sizes: 8x2 cm; 7x5 cm; 7x3 cm; 6x4 cm
Material High quality fiber optic FR-4, tin, copper
Hole spacing Standard: 2.54 mm (0.1 inch)
Colour Green board, silver points

Digital and GPIO pins

The 32 pins provide UART, I2C, SPI, DAC, ADC (12 bit) and all GPIO pins can be used as an input or output.

Quick start guide

When buying one of our high-quality products, you will also receive an inclusive e-book for a quick introduction to the world of microelectronics.

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