RFID Kit RC522 with Reader, Chip and Card for Raspberry Pi and Co. (13,56MHz)

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✔️ Scope of delivery - RFID -RC522 module, S50 card (13.56MHz), S50 key rings (13.56MHz), pen strips
✔️ FAST START - through already available libraries and SPI interface
✔️ APPLICATIONS - e.g. for the development of access controls, electronic door locks or terminals for time recording
✔️ SUPPORTED FORMATS - S50, S70 Ultralight, Pro

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Product details:

RFID kit RC522 with MIFARE transponder and RFID card including e-book for download, which simplifies the beginning very much especially for beginners. The RFID RC522 module is based on the Philips MF522-AN board and is delivered together with a S50 card (13.56MHz), a S50 transponder / key fob and two matching pin headers.


  • Thanks to the contactless reader and writer card chip and the unique combination of functions and applications in the new technologies: Automation and Artificial Intelligence.
  • No batteries needed: are activated by the reader's power source.
  • This means that tags can be very small - so small that they can be embedded in miniature devices.

Technical specifications

Chip Mfrc522
Dimensions 40 x 60mm
Operating frequency 13.56MHz
Reading and writing spacing <10 cm
Communication SPI interface
Maximum data transfer rate 10Mbit/s
Operating current 13-26MA / 3.3V
Dormitory 10-13MA / DC 3.3V
Operating temperature range -20-80 degrees Celsius
Storage temperature range -40-85 degrees Celsius

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