RGB LED Panel WS2812B 16x16 256 LEDs Flexible LED module 5050SMD IC Single -addressable full color functions with DC5V Compatible with Raspberry Pi

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  • ✅ In this practical LED panel WS2812 each LED is individually adjustable and addressable. This allows you that you want to scroll messages or draw small pictures.
  • ✅ WS2812 LED works great with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Fast LED library, Adafruit library, etc. With different controllers, it has different effects, spectrum music mode, rolling subtitle,, fireworks effect and chase effect.
  • ✅ Linkable and bendable design. The LED panel can be expanded by connecting the LED diodes individually with the 3-pin JST connectors. Flexible FPCB can be bent smoothly around surfaces.
  • ✅ The programmable LED display can be used as a billboard for all kinds of festivities like Christmas or weddings.
  • ✅ This product includes an eBook that contains useful information on how to start your project, get started quickly and save time in the configuration process. In the eBook you will find a number of application examples, complete installation instructions and libraries.
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