Simplibox IO - USB-Relais-Set

execution: Only electronics without housing
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✅2 Relaisausgänge 240V / 2A (Wechsler)
✅2 optisch getrennte Eingänge 5...24VDC
✅ wird komplett aus dem USB-Port versorgt
✅HID USB Gerät, unter Linux und Windows einsetzbar

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SimpliBox IO is a kit for a universal USB relay module. The module is completed by two optically separated inputs. Here are the features at a glance:

  • no drivers necessary because HID USB device, usable under Linux and Windows
  • 2 relay outputs 240V / 2A (changeover)
  • 2 optically isolated inputs 5...24VDC
  • Auxiliary voltage for connection of potential free contacts led out
  • Status LEDs for each input and output
  • No additional auxiliary voltage needed; completely powered from USB port
  • Open Source: Firmware and schematic are freely available
  • Sample code for Python (e.g. for operation on Raspberry Pi) available
  • sample code for .NET (for Windows PC) available
  • delivered as kit; only wired components for easy setup
  • optionally available 3TE DIN rail case

Can be combined very well with the Raspberry Pi and the RasPiBox case set.

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