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  • ✅ Starter kit for a quick and cheap entry at a reduced price!
  • ✅ Ensemble consisting of: 1 x Microcontroller board with ATmega328P, ATmega16U2 with cable (with the introductory e-book). 1 x 0.96 inch I2C OLED display (with introductory eBook). 1 x DHT 22 (with introductory eBook). 1 x ESP8266-01 with breadboard adapter (with introductory eBook). 1 x Set of 3 wire jumpers m2m / f2m / f2f (40 pcs. each with approx. 20 cm). 1x Breadboard.
  • ✅ Accustomed high quality and fast delivery directly from Germany by ordering at AZ-Delivery!
  • ✅ Of course, you will receive fully automatic AZDelivery and you will also guarantee an invoice incl. VAT and German standards
  • ✅ This product includes an E-Book that provides useful information on how to begin your project, it helps with a quick setup and saves time on the configuration process. We provide an array of application examples, full installation guides and libraries.
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