Smart Robot Car Diy Learning 2WD ultrasound sensor infrared remote control starter kit

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The electric kit includes board, HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, V5.0 expansion board, 2 DC motors and other sensors and modules. This Smart Robot Car Kit is perfect for both beginners and advanced users.
This Car Set contains modules for playful learning of technical principles such as ultrasonic obstacle avoidance or IR line followers.
With the Robot Car Kit, installation is straightforward and not time-consuming.
Perfect as a DIY kit for both teens and newbies as well as experienced makers with an extensive range of uses.

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The AZ-Delivery Smart Robot Car Kit is perfect for educational projects for children and young people, but also for complicated projects for experienced maker. It's super easy to assemble, even if you are a beginner in microelectronics.


  • Avoid obstacles
  • Easy installation that enables a quick introduction to projects
  • IR control
  • Screws and nuts are included in this robot kit
  • Servo engine
  • The product requires 18650 batteries for the kit and a button cell for the remote control, these are not included

Component list

AZ-Nano V3-Board
1 piece of USB cable
1 piece V5.0 expansion board 1 pc. L298n engine driver board
1 piece of ultrasonic sensor 1 piece of ultrasound holder
1 piece of servomotor 1 piece of servomotor mounting plate
2 pieces 2 pieces of wheel
1 piece of remote control without button cell 1 pc. IR receiver module
1 piece of housing for 18650 cells 1 piece of acrylic plates
2 bag screws and nuts for each part 1 pc. 20pin f-f jumper bridges
1 piece of screwdriver 2 pieces of cable ties

Educative and simple

This DIY Robot Kit is suitable for young people and experienced maker and enables quick introduction to microelectronics and robotics.

easy installation

Thanks to the uncomplicated installation, the operation of this multi-part kit is easy and easier to install it in electronics projects.

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